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    New Hyundai Veloster near Detroit – Southfield MI

    Three door hatches don’t usually come with a built-in coolness factor, but the new Hyundai Veloster could never ride through like the same old thing. It’s an anomaly in its class, and that’s a very, very good thing. Hatchbacks don’t often take on sporty styling or three-door creativity unless they’re called the new Hyundai Veloster near Detroit. This is the hatchback daredevil of the world.

    Hyundai Veloster: Exterior Features

    If you want a car that’s both a conversation starter and a shocking display of performance, the new Hyundai Veloster is a top pick at our dealership serving Detroit Southfield Waterford Troy. It has charisma and confidence that you’ll find only on iconic models.

    Compact models like the new Hyundai Veloster make a bold impression when they bring out the big wheels. The Veloster N variant features 19-inch alloy wheels and rugged high-performance tires that put on a show you’ll never forget. If you love peeling out or cornering, the model’s new wheels provide a memorable experience.

    Sharp lighting isn’t a given on hatchbacks. Many hatchbacks focus on the basics to keep pricing down. The new Hyundai Veloster near Detroit isn’t afraid to deliver something bolder. It comes with LED exterior lighting that enhances the appearance of the grille and takes on a shape of its own. The thick, angled headlamps sit high on the fenders and give the Veloster a wider front-end appearance.

    The Veloster’s design is unique in its three-door frame, but it also has other areas that draw attention. For example, the bottom bumper takes on a shape all its own. The grille sits lower away from the hood and goes all the way to the mode’s fog lamps. There you’ll see something truly inspiring. With lower body red trim, the new Hyundai Veloster has arrow-like surround next to its LED fog lamps. It’s a pointed display of confidence.

    Hyundai is serving Detroit Southfield Waterford Troy drivers with the practical things in life, too. The Veloster doesn’t leave off necessities like heated power mirrors and an aerodynamic design. Very few hatchbacks venture into the territory of aerodynamics, but this is America’s sporty hatchback, one that wants to run instead of walk.

    Glassman Hyundai customers are going to love the adaptive suspension system that comes on the new Hyundai Veloster near Detroit. Instead of just giving the model a standard suspension system, Hyundai correctly assumes that people buying a Veloster N are determined to get more out of their drive than just the average. You’ll really feel this one hold during curves because of its design.

    Hyundai Veloster: Other Features

    Hyundai refuses to let the Veloster become ordinary. To give the model more appeal to different personalities, they’ve made sure to pack the interior with as much tech as it takes to feel modern during your commute. Thanks to an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a voice recognition system.

    The sport steering wheel design in the cabin is one of the most elegant features on the Veloster. It showcases Hyundai’s motorsports admiration and delivers a powerful grip for the driver. If you want to really have true command over your hatch, the Veloster is a top pick at Glassman Hyundai.

    Smaller vehicles need to have responsive driver-assist features that don’t hesitate before sending out a warning or adjusting steering. Thanks to Hyundai’s automatic emergency braking and driver attention warning, you’ve got a backup plan in the event of an emergency. The newest Veloster also offers even greater passive systems to keep you level and stable on the road.

    Thanks to its 275 horsepower engine and 6-speed or 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, the mighty Veloster always feels like it’s winning the race of life. High-performance hatchbacks were rarely spotted in the industry until the Veloster showed that it could be done. Just because someone chooses a cargo-friendly hatchback design doesn’t mean they don’t want to get out there and sprint ahead. The Veloster is serving Detroit Southfield Waterford Troy drivers with the ability to get far ahead.

    Test Drive the Hyundai Veloster at Glassman Hyundai

    Are you ready to test drive the newest Hyundai Veloster at Glassman Hyundai? Please contact our team to let them know you’re in the mood to drive one of the world’s most powerful hatchbacks.

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