Hyundai Tire Center

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Hyundai Tire Maintenance

Hyundai vehicles are among the safest and best-handling vehicles on the market. The health of your tires is integral to that performance, and Hyundai ensures that all of its vehicles have the best tires for them. Glassman Hyundai is the premier Hyundai dealer serving Southfield Detroit Troy Waterford and the surrounding areas, and at our on-site Glassman Hyundai tire center we specialize in Hyundai tires. In fact, we have a massive inventory of new tires for all Hyundai makes new and old. Our team can help you choose the perfect tires for your vehicle. We also provide all tire-related services, such as tire rotation with brake inspection. It’s important that your tires are well maintained and that you change them when they are no longer safe. At our location, we can check your air pressure and fill your tires as needed and also check your tread and provide you an evaluation of your tires.

Are Your Tires Worn

Checking the tread depth is the most common way to evaluate tire health. But there are also other aspects of tire condition, so when our tire experts evaluate your Hyundai tires in Southfield, we assess the tread but also the: Rib, Bead, Grooves, Shoulder.

Some of the common issues when tires wear down will be evident in how your Hyundai vehicle feels as you drive it. Even on a beautifully clear day, worn tread on your tires can make them feel unstable and as if you’re driving in slippery conditions. If you’ve experienced uneven wear, such as due to an underinflated tire, your vehicle may pull you to either the left or the right. You’ve likely heard the term bald tires, which refers to tires with almost no tread left. They’re dangerous even in ideal conditions, and driving with them is particularly perilous when there is ice, snow or rain.

Bad tires can make your vehicle vibrate as you drive it. They reduce your traction in all driving scenarios, and they even cause you to use more gas than you normally would. It’s also very important to have the appropriate tires if you use your Hyundai for special purposes, such as off-roading. If you suspect there’s possibly anything wrong with your tires, bring your car to us, and we’ll inspect your Hyundai tires in Southfield. It’s always better to replace your tires a little too early than a little too late.

Regular Maintenance for Hyundai Tires

Our tire team serving Southfield Detroit Troy Waterford and the surrounding areas recommends that you have your tires inspected by a professional on a regular basis. We’ll evaluate your tread and tire pressure. Our team will fill your tires if needed. In some cases, we may be able to repair your tires. If tires cannot be repaired, then we’ll recommend replacements. It’s also very important that you rotate your tires. Doing so will extend the life of your tires and thus save you money over the long term. It’s also an opportunity for us to inspect your brakes and ensure that your brake health is good too.

When you purchase new tires, we strongly recommend that you get the ideal tire for your vehicle and purchase a full set. If you have one bad tire, you might want to save money by only replacing it, but doing so sets off a chain of tire wear problems that will likely only cause you more trouble in the end. We also encourage you not to try and extend the life of your tires when they are worn. Some drivers think that worn tires are only dangerous in winter and that they can make it through the summer, but that isn’t the case. Bad tires put you at risk of an accident or worse in all driving conditions.

Get Hyundai Tires Online

Glassman Hyundai tire center is here to meet all of your tire-related needs. We have thousands of tires to choose from. We have tires for special applications and for all budgets. You can order tires from us online. We encourage you to call or email with any questions, and if you suspect that your tires may be worn, please don’t delay and bring your vehicle to us as soon as possible.