2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Southfield near Dearborn

2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Southfield near Dearborn

2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0

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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 available serving Dearborn, Waterford from   Southfield, from Glassman Hyundai.             

What you want in a luxury sedan is a   skillfully-crafted interior, a beautiful exterior and awesome   power under the hood. You'll find all that and more in the 2015   Hyundai Genesis 5.0. The all new and fully redesigned 2015   Hyundai Genesis 5.0 is powered by a Tau 5.0-liter V8 GDI engine   with direct injection noted for is smooth idle and quiet purr.   Inside the cabin is roomy with very comfortable seats that are   soft but supportive for driver and passengers alike. The highly   stylish interior includes premium materials while at the center   of it all is a intuitively designed infotainment console with   audio, phone and navigation settings. There's all that and more.   Go have a look today.


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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Interior If it's possible to measure the   highest priority in the overall design of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis   5.0, it might be to produce a genuinely comfort-oriented luxury   sedan. This as clear to the passengers in the rear seats as it is to   the driver and passenger up front. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 can   be power adjusted in as many as 12 directions and include four-way   lumbar, heating, and ventilation. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 also   can include available heated rear seats. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis   5.0 also includes the automaker's latest Blue Link telematics   system, among a number of new features that also include Google   Glass integration, remote start and a new driver notifications   system.


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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Exterior

The redesigned and all new 2015   Hyundai Genesis 5.0 now boasts a longer wheelbase as part of its   overall exterior design. The very best of Hyundai's engineers   redesigned the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 to place the wheels closer   to the luxury sedan's front and rear. This produces a far more   athletic stance with a long and lean look. This goes a long way in   the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 to improve stability and provide an   even smoother ride. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0's aerodynamically   designed exterior is put together with a 0.26 coefficient of drag,   adding to the vehicle's splendid good looks and exquisite grace.

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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Powertrain

Built upon a rear-wheel-drive platform as standard, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 has a great roomy feel, even for adults in the rear seats, with easy in and out. This   ease, even for taller adults, is the result of a newly designed roofline that also gives the cabin an airier feeling inside. With   all that room in comfy, supportive seats, it's a very pleasant place   to be during the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0's quite drive and ride.   For an even more unique 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 ride and drive, opt   for the available all-wheel-drive configuration, new for the 2015   model year. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 can vary its split of   torque from its rear to its front wheels to improve tracking,   handling and steering. 

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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Mechanical

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 is powered by Hyundai's very own Tau 5.0-liter V8 GDI engine with   direct injection. This engine produces 420 horsepower and 383 pounds   per foot of torque and is paired to a smooth-shifting eight-speed Shiftronic automatic transmission. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0, so   equipped, can achieve and EPA-estimated fuel economy of 15 miles per   gallon in town and 23 miles per gallon on the highway. 

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2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 Safety

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 offers three settings in its   lane-keeping system, all designed to intervene should the vehicle   drift out of its lane without a turn signal. This assist for the   driver's steering helps keep the 2015 Hyundai Genesis in its lane   and prevent collisions or troublesome driving situations that can   spoil and otherwise pleasant drive and ride. Also standard in the   2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 is blind-spot monitoring and front- and   rear-parking distance sensors with rear cross-traffic alerts. The   2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 also benefits from automatic   emergency-braking.

*The above information is regarding the base model 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0
.  Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Glassman Hyundai with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.